Voxel is a ham for the cam and Pixel is straigh up fairy dust, check it out...  

2015 Snow Storm Juno Drone Romparound:

Here is their first music video:

In the following video, there is only one toy and those little rascals both want it:

This is when I brought Pixel home and surprised Tia with A NEW PUPPY:

And Here is a video I caught of them having a heated debate about eating grass:

Check out how they like to wake their mom up in the morning:


The Vocal Voxel:

 If you are interested in using Voxel as a stud, here are his papers:

Voxel Stud

Anyone want GloFish? Looks like I’ll have hundreds. This one is pictured early, group of white cells on top left is growing on the yolk.

Dan Gareau Dan Gareau

not since A Dark Light by Aram Bedrosian have I heard such an excellent album. Thank you Taylor Swift.

Dan Gareau Dan Gareau

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